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We just fell in love with this proposal! A photo shoot turns into a surprise engagement shoot! Congratulations @lucitsandsimone 

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Erica & Danielle

Huntsville, AL – June 9, 2022
By LaShawndra Broughton
Photography LaJoy Photography (LGBTQBizLIst)

How They Met

We go to college to learn, gain valuable skills to hopefully find a great paying job (In this economy, that’s a big hopefully!), and expand our minds. Often we leave with a new group of friends, a bit more grown and mature, using college as a perfect time to find ourselves, and sometimes we even find the love of our life. That was definitely the case for Danielle and Erica Ignont-O’Boyle, who found their chemistry, ironically enough, in a biology classroom. 

Danielle and Erica found their forever on the campus of Calhoun Community College in Huntsville, Alabama, in 2004. 

Erica was working as a lab instructor for a Principles of Biology class where Danielle was a student. Maybe it was the after-class one-on-one time where they had to discuss whatever it was they went over that day that was so important they had to spend extra time on it. Maybe it was all the stimulating conversation about how our wonderfully created bodies move and operate – the mitochondria, pheromones, and such. Either way, they found their beautiful symbiosis in a classroom and have been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal

Danielle was laser-focused on one thing and one thing only when she was ready to pop the big question – make sure Erica had no clue! Erica’s sharp, and can easily figure out the plots of movies, who the “bad guy” is, and, unfortunately, many of Danielle’s little surprises, so this was definitely going to be an especially difficult task, requiring planning, cunning, organization, and the help of their supporting, loving family and friends. 

The plan was for them to go to Char, a popular steakhouse in Huntsville, for Sunday brunch after church. It was going to be somewhat of a double date, so she wanted Erica to dress to the nines because they were going to meet Danielle’s sister’s new love interest. With all of the preparation and outfit changes, you would think they were going to a museum fundraising gala. What Erica kept thinking was, “Why is it so important to dress up just to meet some dude!” She figured she was going to have a couple of mimosas and the crab cake benedict and call it a Sunday, but little did she know everything was about to change. 

On August 15, 2021, Danielle FINALLY popped the question.

They walked into the chic, beautifully lit restaurant, and instead of being seated at a table like they normally would, they moved towards a private room. Erica still had no idea what was going on. She walked into the room, and it was filled with their loved ones, but she was still clueless. God shut off her deductive skills that day because she continued to look befuddled, questioning why everyone was there. She hadn’t put two and two together, and everything was working in Danielle’s favor that Sunday. 

She scanned the room, looking at everyone, and when she turned around, Danielle was on one knee with a ring and a big smile. Teary-eyed, Danielle asked Erica the big question, and Erica replied without hesitation,  “Absolutely YESSSSS!”

The Wedding

The wedding was pure romance and elegance.

They planned a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, but leading up to the day, they grew super worried it would get rained out with the recent weather. They were glued to the weather report the entire week. It was overcast and groggy every day that week, and the prospect of a sunny, blue sky, and cloudless wedding for the books was dimming by the day. But *cue the angelic sound effect* the skies cleared the day before, and they were able to let out a huge prayer of thanks and a sigh of relief. Everything was going to be just fine. 

On a gorgeous day in June, they became one. 

“Has Danielle signed hers yet?!” That was Erica’s first response when the notary visited her room to sign the marriage license. After the weather worry, she didn’t want anything else to interrupt the nuptials. They were separated the entire day, but shared the exact same anxiety. This was really about to happen. The next time they saw each other would be to commit their lives to one another, to have and to hold.  

Under clear blue skies and mountain views, Danielle and Erica were surrounded by the love of 75 guests at  a ceremony officiated by Jarvis Harrell, Danielle’s cousin; they walked down the aisle, looked each other in the eyes, and said, “I do.”

The Reception

The wedding designer did a phenomenal job creating an elegant, romantic, and lively ambiance and guest experience beyond what they had ever imagined. Everyone was completely blown away. The reception was adorned with beautiful white flowers, emerald green accents, and dim, glowing candlelight. It was like we were in a jewelry box or something from a different era. It was indeed something out of a dream. 

They kept the reception classic: First dance, cake cutting, toasts, bouquet, and garter toss. But to keep things new and fresh, they ended the night with a glow stick send-off—part reception, part rave, 100% a ball. 

The Couple’s Favorite Moments

What kickstarted the wonderful memories was the room reveal by their wedding designer. Talk about going above and beyond and delivering excellence. After that, they knew every other element would be executed to perfection, and that kind of comfort and assurance is priceless. 

The favorite moment they both share is the wonder of their connection. They knew they had been together for a while, and they knew that they had a lot in common, but what they didn’t expect was how similar their vows would be. The similarities were mind-blowing. Danielle’s favorite moment was seeing Erica walk down the aisle, and Erica’s favorite moment was walking down the aisle and seeing Danielle standing there.– Erica & Danielle, Congratulations from Black Gay Weddings.

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Vendor List

BGW Vetted “LGBTQ-Inclusive” LGBTQBizList Vendors

Non-LGBTQBizList Vendors

Photographer: LaJoy Photography (BLV)

Planner/Designer: Valia Rose Events

Videographer: J McCoy Experience

Florals: Warren Forrest

Bridal Gown: Eleven Bridal

Bridal Tuxedo: Dionicios Closet

DJ/Emcee: J Squared Entertainment 

Makeup: The Beauty Guru

Transportation: Part Life Bus

Rentals: Georgia Party Rentals

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