“If I know what love is, it is because of you.” Congratulations Rachel & Kimmie! Love Wins!

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If life is a 🎥 Movie, you’re the best part! Our friends @meetthemazelins are a reminder of how beautiful love can be when you find your soulmate.

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Black Boy Joy means living your  truth and loving outloud!

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Martese & Quandarious

Atlanta, GA – October 18, 2022
By Lawrence D.S. Broughton
Photography Dani Brown Photography

Their Story

Quandarious (Q) Worked at Target, and Martese (Marty) would be a regular Sunday shopper and would always check out Q; I mean, checkout with Q. Mmmhhhmmm, he wasn’t intentionally stalking; it just appeared that way. Now Q is no innocent bystander here; why would a Vegan frequent the local Kroger where Marty worked and load up on non-vegan goods he didn’t need? I’ll tell you why, to check out Marty, I mean checkout with Marty. See, there was mutual stalking going on. “Nothing to See Here People” is just the beginning of a brand-new everlasting love!

After countless visits to “the store,” they finally made a conscious decision to hang out. When they started spending time together (Every Day), they realized how connected they already were. They immediately started enjoying each other’s company more and more because of the emotional, physical, and spiritual connections they established. As horror movie fanatics, Marty & Q would watch horror flicks until they fell safely asleep in each other’s arms.

Many believe that communication is the key to a lasting and loving romance. Marty & Q stated they could converse on any topic in a deep and substantive way. So, it was only logical that after spending every day together, these two dads moved in together. Marty and his son, age 24, and Q and his son, age 12, will soon be the newest LGBTQIA+ blended family in the BGW Community.

Marty proposed to Q on October 18, 2022 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden during a visit to see the autumn exhibit. 

Marty & Q decided to take four days off and spend some quality time together. Now Marty had already packed bags for this four-day excursion and told Q just to bring his underwear. Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter, People! I told you Q had already packed the bags.  

Anyway, on Day 1, they went to one of their favorite restaurants, Full Taste of Vegan, ate dinner, then went home and watched movies till they fell asleep.

Day 2 -Marty had arranged a Spa day to include mani-pedis and endless pampering. But it had to end at some point because it was time to get dressed and get to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, where Marty had arranged a little surprise for the Q, who had no clue.

Marty prepared a blue gift bag with a photo album in it. When he gave it to Q, he opened it and saw pictures & quotes of their love from beginning to new beginnings because the last picture in the book shows Marty wearing a T-shirt that said Will You Marry Me? Cue the song “Marry Me” playing in the background, and when Q looked up, he saw Marty was down on one knee with a ring, asking him to be his 1 in 8 Billion.

Here comes the “Ugly Cry!” Unfortunately, we don’t have any of those pictures because Q was not about to share those. But after Q regained his composure long enough to speak, he said YES!!!

 Marty then took Q to Ruth’s Chris for a romantic Vegan Dinner and then to a hotel room adorned with royal blue balloons and flowers, chilled champagne, and a “Do Not Disturb” sign for the door. There you go again! Please keep your thoughts pure, people, the Do Not Disturb Sign means nothing except we are tired, come back later. Mmmhhhmmm.

On Day 3, the celebration continued with these two newly engaged lovers checking out Cirque Du Soleil’s “Curious.” Afterward, they headed home, set up the backyard movie theater, and watched Michael Myers die for the 157th time. Did I mention they are horror movie fanatics? Well, here you go!

On Day 4, they rested in the excitement of the new lives they are now beginning to forge together. -Congratulations, Martese and Quandarious from Black Gay Weddings.

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