“If I know what love is, it is because of you.” Congratulations Rachel & Kimmie! Love Wins!

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If life is a 🎥 Movie, you’re the best part! Our friends @meetthemazelins are a reminder of how beautiful love can be when you find your soulmate.

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Black Boy Joy means living your  truth and loving outloud!

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Delconno & Sheila

Atlanta, GA – July 29, 2022
By Piérre Ramon Thomas
Photography A Love Experience Photography

How They Met

By God, the universe, destiny, or all three, Sheila came upon Delconno’s IG and liked a couple of her pics. This surprised Delconno because she was new to IG, barely had any followers, and there were no hashtags to boost her posts. In return, Delconno liked more than a couple of Sheila’s pics and sent flirty heart-eyes emojis in her comments. Sheila DM’d one of Delconno’s posts to one of her friends and said, “Why can’t I meet someone like this?” Flirty comments, multiple photos, and likes from Delconno soon turned into a flirty convo in the DMs. 

According to the couple, “We knew that we would be together at hello. The intensity of our connection, the butterflies, and the goosebumps were undeniable. We spent countless hours talking, laughing, texting, and sharing stories. Although it’s been five years, we still remember the night we met and the excitement we both felt.”

Less than two weeks after they connected on social media, Delconno traveled to Atlanta to meet Sheila in person. “We needed to know if the intensity and sense of familiarity were real,” the couple shared. As soon as their eyes met and they hugged each other for the first time, they knew their futures were bound together. “We felt like home . . . We felt right,” the ladies admitted. In less than one month after their meeting, Delconno decided to step out on faith and move to Atlanta with Sheila, leaving her life in Miami behind.

The Proposal

Four years later, one day after their four-year anniversary, Delconno proposed to Sheila during a blended family gathering in Columbus, Ohio. Sheila always told Delconno she would know if Delconno was going to propose. But, ironically, Sheila didn’t even see it coming. Sheila hadn’t seen her family for a couple of years due to COVID-19. So last June, once the COVID-19 travel restrictions were lifted and Delconno, Sheila, and Sheila’s family were vaccinated, the couple, along with Delconno’s mom, traveled to Sheila’s hometown for a backyard cookout at her brother’s home.

Delconno was much more nervous about keeping the proposal a secret than the proposal itself. Because Sheila and Delconno’s mom are so close and tell each other everything, Delconno was skeptical about letting her mom in on the plan. However, there was also a brief moment where Delconno’s cover was almost blown. Carrying the ring through TSA on the way to Columbus, the image of it caused her bag to be searched. Fortunately, Delconno was able to make it through security and to Columbus with her secret intact. 

After being recruited by Delconno, Sheila’s sister called everyone together and said, “Delconno’s gonna say the prayers.” 

This didn’t tip Sheila off because Delconno was known to be a spiritual person and a great public speaker. During grace, Delconno began recounting their history together, and it was at this point Sheila realized what was going on. She shared, “I was just really shocked. I was definitely caught off guard.” Delconno got down on one knee, and asked Sheila if she would marry her, and Sheila said yes.

Best Wedding Moments

Delconno and Sheila’s favorite wedding moment was when Sheila walked down the aisle. Delconno was standing at the altar, looking snazzy and awaiting her beloved, when, all of a sudden, the drapes were closed, a spotlight shone on the entrance, and smoke and fog blanketed the floor. Then, the drapes were opened, revealing an ethereal Sheila. At that moment, Delconno said, “she was so angelic! Everyone disappeared. The music stopped playing. It was just her and the spotlight. She looked like an angel standing there in those clouds.” Sheila shared a similar experience of being laser-focused on Delconno as she walked toward her. She, too, doesn’t remember the guests or the music or the 

wedding singer–the fabulous Cleveland Jones. “I just played back our journey in my mind,” Sheila said. “I started thinking about how we met and all of the things that happened over the past five years that got us to that point. My mind was playing back our history and our journey.”

Best Reception Moments

The turn-up with their new blended family was Sheila’s favorite reception moment. “The reception was so much fun!” Sheila exclaimed. She loved watching Delconno and their family members, who partied like they knew each other for years, drinking and dancing and enjoying themselves. She said, “The people who were there to support our love and celebrate us–it felt great!” For Delconno, their First Dance was her favorite reception moment. “The clouds, the spotlight, we had a sparkler machine, the 360 selfie machine–it was like Fourth of July in that ballroom,” said Delconno. The newlyweds 

danced to their song “Open Arms” by Journey, singing the lyrics to one another loud and off-key. “And it was wonderful!” she said.– Delconno & Sheila, Congratulations from Black Gay Weddings.

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Delconno & Sheila’s Wedding Highlights

Vendor List

BGW Vetted “LGBTQ-Friendly” LGBTQBizList Vendors

Non-LGBTQBizList Vendors

Photographer/Videographer: A Love Experience Photography

Day of Coordinator: Kifaharii Designs

Officiant: Love Works Atlanta

Wedding Venue: Biltmore Ballrooms

DJ: DJ Perfect

Catering: Bold Events Atlanta

Florals: Botany Bay Florist

Cake: Bakers Man Inc.

Makeup: Jazmine Williams, MUA

Hair: Alexa Corrado

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